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We help you digitize your value creation.

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We are goal-oriented, experienced and proud to be experts in cloud & web technologies (e.g. PHP, Javascript & SQL) as well as data and knowledge systems such as data warehouses, data lakes, data governance or data mesh.

As a company specialized in project/IT outsourcing, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services to optimize and sustain processes and systems. In particular, we specialize in the maintenance and modernization of legacy systems as well as the development, maintenance and operation of APIs.

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We have solutions: #ERP, #CMS, #CRM, #EDI, #DWH, #BI

At home in the eBusiness Cloud, we deliver ideas, consulting, outsourcing, and solutions for commerce, procurement, government, and organizations.

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Our comprehensive portfolio offers business solutions and web applications "out of the box". Convince yourself of our offer. Maybe there is already something suitable for you.

In any case, we take care of your individual concerns and are happy to accompany you to a tailor-made solution for your project.