This is was founded in 2001 and is a strong partner in the field of e-business.

We …

  • develop, operate and support our own ERP-, CRM & API solutions.
  • develop and operate our own big data, data warehouse and custom software solutions.
  • support and consult companies and groups as they go digital.
  • are always thinking outside the box, and we are always on the learning curve.
  • examine the alternatives that are available and generate new approaches in order to provide our clients and customers with an optimal and sustainable result.

Solutions for your business

We have been involved in the basic technologies of the Internet from the very beginning and operate our own server and network infrastructures at several locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and France.

Based on our wealth of experience and using a wide range of technologies, we develop, integrate and maintain both customer-specific and cross-industry solutions in the field of e-business (e-procurement, e-government and e-commerce).

strong location - strong partners

In 2018, we moved our headquarters to the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Here, we're part of a strong community of partners:

we are members of Medical Valley EMN e.V. we are members of Wirtschaftsregion Bamberg - Forchheim we are Creditreform Solution Partner we are Ecosio Integration Partner we are members of Postcollect e.G.