Our knowledge & skillset

Our knowledge & skillset

We pride ourselves on being experts in PHP, Javascript, SQL, Java, as well as Perl and Python.

PHP is one of the languages we specialize in and we are able to build sophisticated enterprise applications - especially without the use of frameworks - that offer a wide variety of features and integrations. We are also experts in Javascript and can create powerful web applications with dynamic content and client-side user interfaces.

As a company specialized in project/IT outsourcing, we are able to offer our customers a variety of services to optimize their processes and systems. In particular, we specialize in the maintenance and modernization of legacy systems, which is a major challenge for many companies.

Maintaining and refreshing legacy systems and code is a complex task that requires a great deal of experience and expertise. Many legacy systems were developed when technology was not as advanced as it is today. They are often not compatible with the latest technologies and require a thorough overhaul to bring them up to date.

We have the expertise and experience to analyze and update these systems. We are able to integrate the latest technologies, improve performance and ensure security. We work with our clients to ensure that the updated systems continue to meet or exceed their business needs and goals.

Interfaces / APIs

Interfaces / APIs

APIs are key to the seamless integration of technology and data and have become a fundamental core function in many systems. They are ubiquitous and often easy to master - but only if you see them as part of the bigger picture.

Today, the use of APIs is essential to drive digitization and modernization initiatives. Almost every organization is using APIs in some way. But to be successful, you can't just look at APIs as a technical component, you have to look at the whole constellation.

We at waaf.net are happy to help you with this. We always keep an eye on the big picture and offer you tailor-made solutions, whether you want to connect old legacy systems with modern systems or extend existing interfaces. Our complete package includes API design, API development and API management including documentation.

Example interfaces including technology stack:

  • Web-API to Web-API:
    z.B. Sendcloud, Creditreform Boniversum, ecosio EDI
  • Web-API to shop / merchandise management systems:
    z.B. TimelineERP, Microsoft Dynamics, SageERP, abas ERP, Lexware
  • Web/CMS to external service providers:
    z.B. Exorbyte, Billbee, Brevo
  • API to legacy systems:
    z.B. CSV-exports for catalog production, dorwarding connections, (Inhouse) ERP- / merchandise management systems

Data warehouse, business intelligence & data science projects

Data warehouse, business intelligence & data science projects

Analyzing data, understanding its structure, and recognizing the relationships within it is not easy. But it is critical to gaining new knowledge and insight.

We help you to

• Identify patterns and trends early and discover hidden relationships,
• Make evidence-based decisions
• Identify and understand cause-and-effect relationships
• Use predictive models generated from the analysis of historical data to forecast future events or trends,
• Identify opportunities for optimization and improvement
• Identify new insights and innovations to solve problems.

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Governance or Data Mesh?

Good news: We're not doing this for the first time!

Consolidating and integrating data from disparate sources is our specialty. A central, documented location for data that provides a holistic view of the business ensures consistency, accuracy, and completeness. A data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh helps organizations meet privacy and compliance requirements. We help you implement security measures to control access to sensitive information and preserve data for audits and legal requirements. Self-service is more than Excel! Users need to be able to access, analyze, and gain insight from data without relying on IT support. This promotes agility and enables you, the customer, to make faster decisions.

A data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh is an important tool for organizing, managing, and using data in an organization. They enable better data quality, scalability, and compliance, and promote analysis, collaboration, and innovation across the enterprise. Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to get in touch!