Optimize and monitor your online sales with our sophisticated eCommerce and CRM solutions. You will not get an off-the-shelf system from us. We provide interfaces to your existing merchandise management, logistics, and ERP systems, and optimize our platform as much as possible according to your specifications and processes.

Our goal is to preserve and optimize your established processes and increase efficiency.

CMS, CRM and Webshop

With us, you get more than just a customized Content Management System (CMS). You get our full attention and therefore a full service. We take care of the planning and conception, the design and of course the implementation including the webshop business logic. Since it is becoming more and more important to be found by search engines, we also optimize your webshop for the relevant search engines (SEO).

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With our advanced solutions, you can streamline your sourcing process and save time and money when searching for suppliers of specialty products.

Manage and evaluate your suppliers with an internal scoring system. This gives you an overview of your suppliers (sourcing and scoring) and their products. In addition, you can store your negotiated terms and use the history to see which suppliers have received positive or negative attention in the past.

EDI solutions

Of course, we can also offer you ready-made EDI solutions and integrate them individually.

Contact us! We analyze your individual requirements, identify potential and optimize processes so that your supply chain becomes more stable and efficient.



Not only since the introduction of various laws (e.g. online access law - OZG - as well as law for the promotion of electronic administration - EGovG - in Germany), it is important to minimize the administrative effort and to help citizens in all matters and to offer added value.

Optimize your flow of information, reduce administration costs and minimize effort. We offer ready-to-use solutions that can be customized to the needs of your organization/community/administration.

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If your employees are still communicating via email or Whatsapp, we offer solutions for an effective workflow in your company. Streamline internal communication and employee collaboration with our enterprise content management and CRM system.

Benefit from significant time savings in processes, internal communication and documentation.

Thanks to our customizable interfaces / APIs, we can integrate your existing and established solutions and systems into our software. This saves you valuable training time because your employees are already familiar with the processes.

Talk to us - we would be happy to consult with you on this topic, identify opportunities and present our solutions.


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    The modern eBusiness solution wn:hub

    More than just a merchandise management, customer relation management or warehouse management system. wn:hub is the modular and cross-industry e-business solution for your company.

    Find out more about wn:hub here.
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    Our enterprise system LOLA can help you to optimize your internal processes and to transfer your usual sales channels to the world of the Internet. Manage the content of your website with this content management system (CMS). Analyze your visitors and use the results to optimize the usability of your website. With the integrated webshop logic, you can easily offer, sell and support your products on your existing website.

    Learn more about LOLA CMS here.
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    Disposal Calendar

    Inform your citizens about the emptying times of the waste containers. Our solution offers the possibility to generate a customized calendar depending on the location and the waste management model. This can be downloaded as a PDF or imported directly into the customer's calendar (iCal).

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    Waste Disposal Fee Calculator

    The service for all citizens of your jurisdiction. With this solution, your citizens have the opportunity to adjust the waste concept and immediately see what the annual costs of the adjustment are. We adapt the fee calculator individually to your current cost model. This calculator is not only interesting for newcomers.